I pray the Lord my soul to keep.


We Have Winners!

Seeing as how there were no new sales before the midnight deadline that also hadn’t submitted, I felt confident in picking three random entries using Random.org.

The winner of the signed paperback copy of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth goes to…

Meg N. of North Dakota

The winner whose name will be a character featured in The Twin Prophecies: Origins (Dec. 2011) is…

Adam C. of Michigan

The winner of the Kindle is…

Kituria G. of Arizona

All winners have been contacted via email. Meg and Kituria, please email your mailing address to twinprophecies@gmail.com so I can send out your prizes!

Thanks to everyone who purchased and entered. Stay tuned for more big giveaways in the next few weeks.


Kindle Giveaway – Day 3?

First off, thank you for all the support spreading the word about the giveaway. And thanks to all who have purchased and entered. I’m so overwhelmed and grateful for your support that I’ve decided to extend the contest until midnight on Friday, May 20th. (That’s, EST.)

Any Kindle or paperback copy of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth purchased between now and then is an entry to win one of three great prizes, including a Kindle. You can get more details here, but remember the purchase window has been expanded till this Friday night at midnight and you’ll have till midnight Sunday, May 22nd to submit your purchase confirmation for entry to twinprophecies@gmail.com. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 23rd.

Kindle Giveaway – Day 2

It’s been a very busy day, but I wanted to take a moment to share a review Rebirth has received and also remind everyone that we’re currently in day two of the official launch giveaway.

It’s always nice to get positive feedback on Twitter, and today’s was especially great since it came in the form of a review from a fellow author, Christine M. Butler. You can read Christine’s review here. It’s a nice confidence boost that fuels me to write more and write better. Suddenly, the release of book two in December seems right around the corner.

If you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth for a friend or relative (or maybe you’ve yet to treat yourself!), now’s the perfect time. Books purchased between now and tomorrow midnight qualify to win one of three cool prizes including a Kindle! Check out the contest details now.

Buy The Book, Win A Kindle

Today’s the day!

Any paperback or Kindle copy of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth purchased today through Wednesday, May 18th at midnight EST qualifies you to win one of three prizes, including a Kindle! Details can be found here.

After your purchase, please forward your Amazon.com order confirmation email to twinprophecies@gmail.com and you’re entered. One entry per purchase so the more copies you buy, the more chances you have to win.

So, spread the word! Post this on Facebook, Myspace (I’ve been told people still go there), and Twitter. In fact, if you tweet this contest, make sure you mention @twinprophecies so I can see it. One lucky tweeter will be randomly chosen to receive a free autographed copy of Rebirth.

Purchase the book here.

The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth – Official Release

The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth has been available in e-format and paperback for a few weeks now. I’ve been doing limited promotion, on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, and getting feedback from early readers. The reviews on Amazon.com and Goodreads have been wonderful. Your excitement is infectious and now – more than ever – I cannot wait to release the next book, The Twin Prophecies: Origins. But first, there’s still work to be done in spreading the word and getting Rebirth into as many hands as possible.

I’m proud to share that some pretty savvy book bloggers have been reading as well, and as their reviews of Rebirth are nearing completion, I thought a giveaway would be a fun way to kick off the official release. And by official release I mean, we’re telling any and everyone!

If you purchase a Kindle or paperback copy of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth between Monday, May 16th and midnight EDT on Wednesday, May 18th, you can be eligible to win one of three great prizes:

  • One winner, chosen at random, will receive a signed paperback copy of Rebirth.
  • One winner, chosen at random, will become a character in book two, Origins.
  • One winner, chosen at random, will receive a Kindle with Special Offers.
To enter, forward your purchase confirmation email from Amazon.com to twinprophecies@gmail.com. Your purchase confirmation number will act as your raffle number so it’s important the the forwarded email come from Amazon.com and clearly show the confirmation number and that the book was purchased during the qualifying dates above. All entries must be received by midnight EDT on Friday, May 20th, 2011. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 23rd.  Read more about the official release and contest details here.

If you’ve already purchased a copy and was thinking about buying another as a gift, this would be the perfect time to do so. Starting on May 16th, the Kindle version of the book will drop in price to $2.99.

Please help spread the word about this exciting contest, but more importantly, the book! Tweets, posts on Facebook, Myspace (does anyone still use Myspace?), Goodreads, and Shelfari are all welcomed and appreciated. I would also not frown upon a sky writing campaign or an occasional tweet to @Oprah asking, “Have you read The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth yet?” You know, if you’re so inclined.

Good luck to all who enter and thank you to everyone for reading!


Updates On Rebirth

I wanted to fill you in on the latest with the release of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth.

  • The paperback is now available at Amazon.com. You can purchase a copy here. If you’d like a signed copy, please email me at twinprophecies (at) gmail (dot) com BEFORE purchasing.
  • Next week the site will get a whole new look. I’m VERY excited about that.
  • You can listen to my interview with John Rakestraw here. I talk about my decision to become an indie author.
  • I also did an interview with Steven Novak over at Literary Underground. You can check it out here.

And you may have noticed the book has a new cover. I love it!

Finally, thanks so much to everyone that has purchased a copy and left such kind reviews and feedback. I appreciate every single one.



The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth is On Sale NOW!

Because you guys are my faithful friends who have stuck with me since… forever, I want you to be the first to know that you can now purchase my first novel, The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth, for the Kindle and Kindle apps via Amazon.com.

Yes, I am ridiculously excited. I have nervous tummy I’m so amped. (Click the image to buy the book.)




The book will be available for the Nook and in other e-reader formats in a few days. The paperback will be available via Amazon.com in about two weeks or so.

Now, you all know I love a good contest and now seems like a good time to have one. For everyone that purchases the book between now and May 15th, 2011 at 11:59pm PDT: you have the chance to be a character in the second book of The Twin Prophecies series. When you purchase the book via Amazon.com, you’ll receive an order confirmation email. Forward that email to twinprophecies (at) gmail (dot) com and you’re automatically entered.

The email confirmation will have your name and address at the top, but what actually gets you entered is the order number. If you don’t want me to see your name and address (I promise, I won’t mail you anything! Trust me: I still have my best friend’s Christmas present from two years ago sitting in my closet. I don’t like going to the post office.), you can just take a screen shot of the middle portion of the email and send that. But it’s important that I see the book was purchased and the confirmation number. Here’s an example of what the edited screenshot should look like.


I purchased my friend Steven's book for my Kindle.

People interested in buying the paperback in a few weeks still have a chance to win as the contest runs till mid-May. You can enter as many times as you wish, but it’s one entry per purchase. So, if you buy the book now and enter, you can also enter again with the order confirmation you’ll receive should you buy the paperback in a few weeks.

So, get your entries in! Should you win, will you be an evil vampire or a misunderstood high school student? Will you die a painful death or will you find romance… and then die a painful death? We shall see.

OK. Go. Buy the book, tell your friends to buy the book, and happy reading!

Much love,




How To Get Rebirth via Amazon

When I announced that The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth would be available for download via Amazon.com (for the Kindle) and BarnesandNoble.com (for the Nook), people without either e-reader kinda freaked out.

Don’t fret. I’ve made this nifty video to show you how you can read my book via either site without owning an e-reader. (Though I highly recommend you buy a Kindle cause they’re about 38 kinds of awesome.)


The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth – Trailer

The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth trailer is here. Thank you to the super talented Steven Novak over at The Literary Underground for, once again, hooking me up and making me proud to collaborate with a fellow artist.


The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth is coming soon!

High school sophomores Jack Morrow and Violet Ross don’t know each other, but they have similar secrets: she can feel the emotions of others and when he touches people, he can see their future. A tragic accident thrusts them into a world where they learn an even bigger secret: all the mythical beings they believed to be fictional are real.

Guided by prophecies predicting the end of the world, the mysterious Dr. Tesla – who leads an alliance of supernatural beings – helps Jack and Violet come to terms with this new world, control the growing powers within them, and face an unspeakable evil determined to possess their very souls.

Rebirth is the first in a series that follows Violet Ross; sarcastic, smart, rebellious and Jack Morrow; sensitive, brave and loyal, as they unlock the mysteries behind magic as old as time, team up with a centuries-old vampire, and expose the corruption within the inner sanctum of a mystical alliance – all while trying to graduate from high school.

You will soon be able to purchase Rebirth for your Kindle and Nook e-readers. And stay tuned for special prequel chapters that will introduce you to some of the characters in Rebirth. In the meantime, please follow The Twin Prophecies on Twitter and “like” it on Facebook.